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Our History


The Children’s Credit Co-Op started in 1974 as The Manufacturer’s Credit Co-Op by Russell Harris.  Russell was at that time the President of Toddle Tyke, a children’s wear manufacturer in Atlanta, Ga.   Russell and a number of other children’s wear manufacturers would periodically get together and discuss their customers with regard to payment problems, bounced checks, collection actions for non-payment, changes in ownership, stores opening & stores closing in addition to any other information that they felt was important in order to make an intelligent credit decision.  Russell started to keep these histories in a spiral binder & had enough of them printed to distribute to his group of friends so that they too would be able to refer to it when processing & or shipping orders to their customers.

Fast forward to 1986, I joined a well known children’s wear company in NY as a salesmen in their showroom. In 1991 the credit manager at that company decided to relocate to another state. As I have a degree in accounting and spent 4 years working in public accounting it was a natural transition that I would become the credit manager. In 1992 I heard about the Credit Co-Op from another manufacturer when I had called them for a credit reference. It was exactly the type of service that I needed in order to avoid having to waste time checking multiple credit  references. In 1993, my company joined The Co-Op. Immediately, the time spent performing credit checks was cut to almost  nothing as did my bad debt write offs and time spent chasing after late payers.

In 1993, the company that I was working for asked me to set up a factory to manufacture girls dresses in Florida in  addition to still acting as credit manager.  After a year and a half that dress company closed. Russell Harris and I had become good friends so Russell asked me to come up to Atlanta to work at The Co-Op.  In October of 1996 I moved to Atlanta & became a retail credit analyst at the Co-Op.

Early in 2006 Russell had decided he would like to retire, so on May 31, 2006, I took over the reigns of the Credit Co-Op.  We decided to change the name from The Manufacturer’s Credit Co-Op to The Children’s Credit Co-Op in order to better reflect what industry we specialize in.  We are in fact the only credit bureau that specializes in the Children’s retail  industry

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